Integrating ESG into our Core Business

IG subscribes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and how mining can support them in the white paper “Mapping Mining to the Sustainable Development Goals” submitted to the World Economic Forum in collaboration with the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment and the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network :

Mining is a global industry and when managed appropriately, can create jobs, spur innovation and bring investment and infrastructure at a game-changing scale over long horizons.  The team at IG Asia have achieved such goals over their careers and continue to align our work with these Sustainable Development Goals through our mineral exploration in Kazakhstan and Mongolia.


IGG’s priority is to ensure that every person returns home safely at the end of his/her shift and rotation. We believe every accident/incident is preventable and relentlessly pursue our goal of Zero Harm.


Preserving the long-term health, function and viability of the natural environment we work in, is a primary focus of IGG. We adhere to a process to identify, assess and eliminate or treat the potential impacts of our activities.


We have established roots in Almaty and Karaganda, Kazakhstan and Ulaanbatar, Mongolia. We are active in the communities in which we operate, with local hiring, our policy is to provide decent work opportunities and an inclusive work environment. 

An example of our community support, we sponsor Ne Prosto Orchestra (The Not Just an Orchestra) which is based out of Almaty, Kazakhstan. It engages youth in classical music with shows concentrating on movie soundtrack scores. Originally put together by a few recent college graduates trying to figure out how to make a living with their music degrees, the group now hosts a few dozen performers who travel widely within Eurasia and perform successfully within the grey zone of high art and pop culture. They are very popular and draw very large crowds to their performances.


IGG is a creative and innovative exploration group constantly mindful of how to apply technologies and methods that improve the efficiency of mineral exploration.  By delivering on successful strategies for mineral exploration, discovery and development we live up to our motto: On Time and On Target!